Webasto Air Top 2000 STС (дизель) 24В

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Webasto Air Top 2000 STC (diesel) 24v

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The German company "Webasto"offers a new modification of the popular Autonomous air heater AirTop 2000 – "STC". It is equipped with a new low-noise fuel pump, which further increases the sound comfort in a heated room. This is important, because one of the main "jobs" air heaters – beds in the cabs of trucks. It is also important to reduce noise in the salons of minibuses, where the heaters of the Air Top series are actively used by the air Top 2000 STC (diesel)in Russia.The new pump is unified for all current Webasto models, allowing services to optimize inventory and ultimately reduce user operating costs. The air Top 2000 STC electronics have also been upgraded– now it is fully compatible with the webastow-Bus universal bus, which allows using the entire range of functions of the new heater control systems: MultiControl timer, Telestart remote control and GSM module Thermo CallTC4.

Air heaters Air Top 2000 STC are not allowed for heating trucks carrying dangerous goods. The heaters operate independently of the car engine and are connected to the fuel tank and the vehicle's on-Board network. These heaters can be used in cars with both air and liquid-cooled engine.

The heater is supplied with:

The control (rheostat)
Fuel pump with mounting bracket
Bracket for heater mounting
Silencer on the air intake for combustion
Exhaust silencer
Silencer pipe 1 meter
Fuel pipe 7 meters
Wiring harness with fuse box
Relay to turn on the interior stove fan
Package with terminals, mounting hardware, cable ties, nuts and bolts, clamps, etc. installation elements.
The principle of operation of the air heater Webasto Air Top 2000 STC.
When the heater is switched on, the filament pin is switched on. The motor of the heated air and combustion air fan starts to work with 50% power. After 40 seconds, the metering pump turns on and the flame formation begins. For the best start-up result, the metering pump and the combustion air blower start working at different frequency and speed. After 95 (gasoline) or 110 (diesel) seconds. pin filament shuts off and the flame sensor controls the combustion process.

During the combustion gases formed in the combustion process pass through the heat exchanger. In this case, the heat from them through the walls of the heat exchanger is transferred to the heating air supplied by the supercharger further to the heated room.

Manufacturer Webasto
Fuel type Diesel
Power 2kW
Type of transport Cargo
Weight 7 kg
Voltage 12 V

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